San Luis Obispo, California

ERRG conducted a Time-Critical Removal Action at a 170-acre former training range in San Luis Obispo County. The site had been converted to a recreational area and was located adjacent to college and elementary schools. Recreational trails and paths that crossed the property were used by residents of San Luis Obispo and local areas. Additionally, the site contained areas of archaeological and biological concern that required a planned approach to remove explosive hazards without causing damage to affected areas.

Work included preparing an Action Memorandum and work plan and safety submittals, as well as safety training presentations, informational pamphlets, public meeting materials, and conducting public meetings with community members and stakeholders.

Prior to the start of the surface clearance, the boundary and 200-foot by 200-foot grids were surveyed and staked at each grid corner across the site. Surface clearance was performed by two 10-person Unexploded Ordnance clearance teams, beginning with the areas of the site closest elementary schools and other areas of public use. ERRG also scheduled surface clearance within areas along site boundaries very early in the day to prevent potential impact to local populations and to ensure a Minimum Safe Distance around the entire surface clearance area boundary.

During the surface clearance a total of 26 munitions items were recovered and demolished. ERRG used blast mitigation measures and performed sampling at demolition locations before and after each shot to ensure that demolition operations did not result in contamination of soil with explosive residues. Demolition operations were conducted at the end of each workweek, which required that items found during the week be guarded by security personnel during all hours that ERRG was not on the site. The surface clearance was completed within the accelerated time-critical schedule.