San Francisco, California

ERRG conducted a remedial action at Installation Restoration Sites 07 and 18, Parcel B at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard in San Francisco, California for the U.S. Navy. ERRG’s accomplishments on this project were the basis of its 2011 Small Business Administration Prime Contractor of the Year award for Region 9.

The multi-million dollar, 4-year, remedial action preventing exposure to contaminated soil by constructing durable covers, shoreline revetment, and excavating soil hot spots. ERRG constructed revetment for 1,000 linear feet of shoreline using 15,000 tons riprap and installed soil covers and asphalt covers over 12 acres to prevent exposure of humans and wildlife to chemicals and radionuclides of concern in soil. ERRG used various construction methods to minimize the project’s environmental footprint, including the use of barges to transport material to and from the site by the sea which reduced truck emissions and traffic through the local community. ERRG also screened and cleared nearly 3,000 pieces of debris for reuse on other projects at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. The reuse of the debris minimized the need to quarry and transport material from an offsite source which reduced emissions from truck traffic.

Revetment construction along the shoreline for this project presented a challenge because work needed to occur during low tide to prevent the discharge of contaminated material to San Francisco Bay. ERRG’s construction planning team developed a highly effective plan to install the structure in 30-foot sections during short-duration low tides in such a manner that each section seamlessly integrated into the adjacent sections.

ERRG’s Management Team satisfied all requirements of the Navy Technical Team, the Navy’s Radiological Affairs Support Office, the regulatory agencies, and the local community. The team worked seamlessly to balance and adapt to the expectations of all parties through effective communication. The team also interfaced regularly with the design engineer and representatives of the Resident Officer in Charge of Construction to resolve design challenges.

The aggressive project schedule was developed to support property transfer schedules established by the Navy and the City of San Francisco. ERRG met this schedule without compromising quality. Zero health and safety incidents were recorded for this project.