Clean Islands Council, Honolulu, Hawaii

Project Description

ERRG was contracted by the Hawaii State Department of Health (DoH) Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Branch to conduct an All-Hazards Emergency Response Plan (AHERP) workshop. It was attended by the DoH directors and other key department personnel to discuss the results of their recent Functional Exercise, the Department Operations Center, and their current draft AHERP.

The workshop was recognized as one of the first times the entire DoH came together to discuss their response capability and future preparedness efforts. The functional exercise highlighted a number of successful policies and procedures but also underscored areas that need to be addressed. The results of the After Action Report and Improvement Plan were shared with the group and discussed. Prior to the start of the workshop, a pre-workshop questionnaire was sent out to attendees to determine what they needed in the new draft of the AHERP. The purpose, scenario, exercise objectives, and both strengths and areas for improvement were reviewed and discussed. The focus was the improvement plan and what steps needed to be taken to improve response readiness. This information was discussed and recorded and will be incorporated into the new plan.

The workshop was extremely successful at identifying what steps need to be taken moving forward in the development of the new plan. Hawaii State DoH has awarded ERRG the follow-on contract to develop the AHERP using the workshop’s outcome.

Scope of Work

All-Hazards Emergency Response Plan Workshop

Project Team Members

Chris Curatilo
Jesslynn Alabart

Period of Performance

August 2012

Client Information

Hawaii Department of Health