As a result of the Dixie Fire in August 2021 approximately 75% of the structures in the town of Greenville were destroyed.  Cal OES and CalRecycle have completed the fire debris removal work with their contractors, but in the process discovered that much of the soil remaining in the properties of the town contained high levels of lead contamination (up 3,500 mg/kg, well above residential and commercial cleanup levels).  DTSC was brought in to resolve this issue so that the people of Greenville could begin to rebuild the town.

ERRG’s Sacramento Office was called upon by DTSC to assist them in this endeavor. ERRG was awarded a sole source contract award to excavate and remove the lead contaminated soil from 125 properties and to import and backfill those properties so that the homeowners can rebuild.  The work will include the removal and disposal of over 97,000 bank cubic yards of contaminated soil and the import and placement of over 116,000 cubic yards of fill material.  The project technical staff mobilized on August 1 to begin site inspections and waste characterization efforts, and the field crews began to mobilize on August 15 to begin the excavation work.  This season’s work will last until the rain and snow halts the work, and we will begin again in spring 2023 to complete the project.

Distinctive/Unique Features

ERRG is working in a town that was destroyed and with a population that is anxious to rebuilding and gain some sense of normalcy. ERRG is concurrently working on a contaminated soil removal project in multiple locations that are adjacent to active elementary and high schools, reopening businesses, and home rebuilding projects.  Sensitive receptors surround us each day and we employ proper control measures to protect both our staff and the community.  ERRG mitigates any potential dust migration with water and dust monitors/air monitoring samplers are deployed to confirm and document proper work practices are being employed.