In late March, Engineering/Remediation Resources Group, Inc. (ERRG) received an emergency response request to provide COVID-19 disinfection services at the Naval Operations Support Center in San Jose. ERRG mobilized equipment and personnel to perform the cleanup within 24-hours. The project involved disinfection of three office buildings through application of an EPA approved disinfectant using fogging and airless sprayer techniques.  All three buildings were known to have occupants with COVID-19 diagnosed within the last few days.  Upon receiving the request, ERRG coordinated with the building owner and submitted a cost estimate, prepared planning documentation, completed safety reviews of the standard operating procedures, and performed a detailed activity hazard analysis. The ERRG crew wore personal protective equipment (PPE), including full-face respirators with the appropriate cartridge and poly-coated Tyvek suits.  ERRG safely disinfected the facilities using tools and techniques in accordance with CDC guidelines for COVID-19 disinfection and completed the work within schedule and budget.

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ERRG crew prepares equipment to disinfect a building

ERRG crew disinfects one of the three buildings