ERRG Awarded Environmental Business Journal 2012 Business Achievement Award

ERRG has been chosen as a winner of Environmental Business Journal’s 2012 Business Achievement Award for Project Merit: Remediation. ERRG was recognized for its work in restoring an abandoned copper mine in the remote Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest where waste rock had been leaching sulfuric acid, arsenic, lead, cadmium, copper, and zinc into nearby creeks for 100 years. The Blue Ledge Mine Remediation was a large, complex environmental project where access, terrain, and logistics created significant challenges.

The project, performed for the U.S. Forest Service, included removing 65,000 cubic yards of waste rock, encapsulating it in a geomembrane-lined repository, reclaiming the 22 acres of disturbed areas, installing erosion control measures, replacing topsoil, and restoring native vegetation with over 15,000 native plants that were grown at an offsite nursery. A unique aspect of the project involved the use of three Spider excavators to crawl up the steep slope of the mountainside. The tailings were pulled down to where they could be handled with larger earth-moving equipment. Reinforced slope stability fabric was installed, and sediment and pH treatment basins were constructed. In addition, road access was not available to three of the four waste rock areas, so ERRG constructed approximately 1 mile of roads through rugged terrain to provide access to the areas.